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Our essence is inspired by the similarity and connections of the reef and the woman; its delicacy, its powerful work and the treasure it represents for all life in the ocean.

Thus, metaphorically each woman represents a coral for our brand, an exclusive universe, with stories, details and characteristics that inhabit and make up each one, it is in this way that our essence and community is shaped, a world of muses and treasures, a safe reef to continue discovering the power that together we have to regulate the temperature of the ocean.


Our illustrated stories are handcrafted by Colombian artists. In each collection, the handmade lines are the protagonists to create iconic prints of the brand.

“I love to feel each story to be able to tell it, so for me the hands become the extension of the heart to interpret them.”

Mio Coral Designer


“Working with Mio Coral is always something very special. Kathe, her creative director, is clear about the essence of her brand, her soul and for whom she wants to design. This clarity means that each story she wants to tell can be translated into authentic illustrations full of magic. Mio Coral always amazes me with her stories, mood boards, and inspiration. Being able to create the Milk and Honey collection together with Kathe was a delight, it was a space to connect, share our love for details and color, let creativity flow, complement our ideas and create a dream together.”

Lau Escalante.

DEAR muse,

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