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Triangle: small back, wide hip.

~ protective muse ~

Muses interpreters of the sun. of small backs but firm and wild hips. A treasure to conquer.



The body is the temple of the muses,
each with a story to tell

Rectangle: thin with few curves

~ sweet muse ~

Muses drawn with the most delicate lines. with breasts and subtle hips. Simply a work of art.

Round: volume in abdomen

~ majestic muse ~

Muses with descending curves coming and going from the waves of the sea, with bulky abdomen, imposing breasts and hips, a whole temple to admire.

Inverted triangle: wide back little hip

~ challenging muse ~

Muses born in the middle of the secrets of the forest, with wide backs and delicate hips.

Hourglass: Back and hip in proportion

~ lovely muse ~

Muses from the softer and seductive rhythms. His torso, hip and abdomen are harmonious like a poem.

Do you want to know what muse you are?

DEAR muse,

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